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"Now I am quietly waiting for the catastrophe of my personality to seem beautiful again, and interesting, and modern." - Frank O'Hara, "Mayakovsky"

I make lists: 22. UCF College Grad. Mathematician. Space Pirate Anti-hero. Yogi. INTJ. Vector from Vegetarian to Vegan.
I plan on living on a sailboat and doing mathematics and yoga for my life.

La Silla Poses for an ultra HD shoot

A curtain of stars surrounds the 3.58-metre New Technology Telescope (NTT) in this new Ultra High Definition photograph from the ESO Ultra HD Expedition. It was captured on the first night of shooting at ESO’s La Silla Observatory, which sits at 2400 metres above sea level on the outskirts of the Chilean Atacama Desert.

The majestic telescope enclosure aligns perfectly with the Milky Way’s central region — the brightest section and the area which obscures the galactic centre. The distinctive octagonal enclosure that houses the NTT stands tall in this image — silhouetted against the glittering cosmos above and almost appearing to consume the Milky Way. This telescope housing was considered a technological breakthrough when completed in 1989.
Visible to the left of the Milky Way is the bright orange star Antares at the heart of Scorpius (The Scorpion). Saturn can be seen as the brightest point to the upper left of Antares and Alpha and Beta Centauri glow in the upper right of the image. The Southern Cross (Crux) and the Coalsack dark nebula are also visible looming above Alpha and Beta Centauri.
La Silla was ESO’s first observatory, inaugurated in 1969. The NTT pictured above was the first telescope in the world to have a computer-controlled main mirror and broke new ground for telescope engineering and design paving the way for ESO’s Very Large Telescope.

Image credit: ESO/B.Tafreshi

 30 days // 10. a character from a book

(via Orproject Architects Propose Giant Bubble Parks Filled with Clean Air)

Darth Vader hot air balloon
This is no joke, there could be a time when you look up in the air and see a giant sized Darth Vader head floating through the air. The Darth Vader hot air balloon is 26 meters high and 21 meters wide. A ride on this is definitely now a part of my bucket list.

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Occupy in Brazil:
Hey Brazilian Police, what did you expect would happen if you lob a tear gas grenade in a country that has some of the best soccer players in the world and where the Confed Cup is currently playing?
Even Beckham couldn’t do it any better….


Samurai Hip-Hop
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